Frequently Asked Questions

You have 90 days to access your practice exam from the time you complete the acknowledgement.

To complete a practice exam and receive CE credit(s) you must take the acknowledgement, one of the exams, and survey.

If you do not complete the exam within 90 days you will have to repurchase.

Yes, you can take the practice exam as many times as you want, within 90 days from time of purchase.

If you complete the exam, then you have continued access after 90 days.

To complete a practice exam you must take the acknowledgement, one of the exams, and survey.

Click on "My Courses" find the practice exam certificate you want to print.

Select the "View/Print Your Certificate" on the Certificate module.

In your BCEN Account, Go to "My Dashboard" and under "My Account". 

select "Invoice History", "View Order" to find a specific invoice".

There is a 7 day unopened return policy from time of purchase.

If you have started the practice exam, it is considered open and cannot be returned.

At this time, vouchers are only valid towards certification and recertification exam applications.

Vouchers cannot be used towards practice exams.

COMPUTER - Minimum 1 GB of RAM; Sound card required only for courses delivered in audio.


DISPLAY COLOR - A resolution of 1024x768 or higher is recommended.

Minimum color quality requirement is 16 bit. Optimal color quality is 32 bit.

Browsers Supported: 

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. 

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and greater. 

Latest Apple Safari.

Latest Mozilla Firefox..

Latest Google Chrome. 

Mobile: Android, iOS.

Click "Contact Us" in the upper right of the screen.

The same questions lets you take the non-timed practice exam at your leisure, and gives you feedback after each question.

The timed practice exam is given in a timed environment, randomizing the questions, to prepare you for your exam.

BCEN has additional questions on our road-map and are working diligently toward that goal.

BCEN Learn Help

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Over in the right navigation column select "Login My Account".

Enter your Username and Password.

If you do not have an account, select "New Customer" at the bottom.

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Click "Forgot Password" on the login screen. If you are still having trouble. contact BCEN.

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There are a couple of different ways you can register for a course.

First you must be logged in to register for a course.

(1) From the main BCEN Learn page select a course and then click register.

(2) Select the Catalog button on the Navigation Bar and then click register.

If you don't see a register button then you already have access to the course.

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Clicking on Register will put the course in the shopping cart.

Enter in the applicable information and click submit at the bottom.

Return to BCEN Lean by clicking the link in the upper left.

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Click on the course name under My Courses.

Under the Contents tab will be all the modules associated with a course.

Click on the module you want and choose the button to the right to continue.

If something is grayed out it is because it is dependent on completing one of the non-grayed out modules first.

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If applicable, click on the certificate module and then View/Print Certificate.

To save, click on the Print Button, and select PDF under the Destination.

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When in your BCEN account dashboard select My Account, Invoice History, and View Order.

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Click "Contact Us" in the upper right of the screen.